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2024. 06. 20.

Erasmus+ Mobility Programme Grants BCC a Study Trip to Vienna

The Erasmus+ Adult Education programme has granted the Budapest Cultural Center a 7-day study trip to Vienna, during which time BCC staff members and representatives of our partner institutions will have the opportunity to gain experience abroad.

Part of our aspirations is to have a close look at the operation of the Wiener Volkshochschulen. We plan to study the work of our Austrian colleagues from the various aspects, e.g. how to organise trainings, how to effectively utilise event venues, and how to make program schedules. Our goal is not only to enrich our own training agenda, but also to help the methodological work of our domestic partners. Additionally, the BCC wishes to build working partnerships with as many European institutions of a similar profile as possible.

During the programme, participants will have the opportunity to compare their own organization’s set of trainings, its offer as per target groups, and its methodology with those of the host institution. In addition to visiting artistic events and emerging in the culture offered by the Austrian capital, we plan to map the range of courses that improve the quality of life in general and serve competitiveness in the labour market.
Implementation of this BBC model project will take place during the autumn of 2024, preferably in mid-October. Based on learnings, we plan to further expand our cultural knowledge, to adapt recent innovations, to develop our contact network, and to coordinate partnerships in Hungary and abroad alike.

Members of all public cultural institutions in Budapest are invited to an autumn conference about BCC’s study visit to the Wiener Volkshochschulen.

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