2024. 06. 14.

Summer Walk in Jókai Garden

The BCC Gardeners Club’s visit to Jókai Garden took place on 13 June. During our walk focusing on garden and literary history, our guide recalled lines from the writings of Hungarian novelist Mór Jókai, and we visited his favourite places in the garden (the lion bench and József Róna's statue of Anacreon).

We learned how Jókai in the 18th century turned the abandoned quarry into a thriving farm with native vegetables, fruit trees, roses and a vineyard. The remaining area was landscaped with lindens, maples, elms, and berry bushes such as rowan and hawthorn. The garden is essentially a nature trail, but at the same time visitors can read about Jókai’s life on information boards set up at various locations in the garden. Additionally, an outdoor rock exhibition is also available for visit.
The garden and park Jókai created has preserved its charm to the present day, despite many of its vicissitudes. Local institutions play a decisive role in preserving Jókai's heritage, for example the Danube-Ipoly National Park Administration, the Petőfi Literary Museum - Jókai Memorial Room, the Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Association, and the András Keve Ornithological and Nature Conservation Library.

Currently, the site can only be visited with a professional guide. It is closed to individual visitors due to the renovation of the Steindl villa and the construction of a new visitor centre.


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