2024. 06. 14.

Open Europe Cultural Delegates Visit BCC

Spanish guests arrived at the Budapest Cultural Center on June 7, 2024. The purpose of their visit, in addition to getting to know the cultural values ​​and built heritage of the Hungarian capital, was to see the new location of our institution.

The Budapest Cultural Center and the cultural institution named Open Europe, operating in the city of Reus, previously worked together in an Erasmus+ programme, and now five adult students and their teacher of English paid us a visit. In addition to being briefed on BCC operations, the participants also attended a short English lesson, and then went on to visit the Hungarian National Museum. In the field of adult education, Open Europe and the Budapest Cultural Center wish to cooperate even more closely, thus strengthening the international cultural relations of both institutions and recognizing the meeting of languages ​​and cultures to be a common European value.

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